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HPE Spain where the central offices of CDS Spain, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.

CDS is the specialized service delivery division of Hewlett Packard Enterprise group, aiming to respond to customer needs in the IT field in a dynamic, fast, and efficient way. CDS provides the means for businesses to become more agile and competitive by facilitating the development of actions.

For any organisation to remain an engaging place to work, it is important to involve employees in driving the changes required. Employee groups are a great way to do just that.

Under our motto “We Deliver The Difference” we want to empower employees to improve their work environment.

There are currently 6 groups in operation generating plenty of ideas and projects

Involving employees at ground level is a great way to leverage the ideas of those ‘on the front line’ to drive change. The ability of organizations to align, execute, and renew themselves faster than competitors is one of the best ways to drive business performance over the long term.

We Bring the Change

We are passionate about technology and believe in its ability to transform the world. We work constantly to be at the forefront of technological advancements, enabling us to leverage our knowledge and experience in delivering a set of services that makes a difference. Our entity owned by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, currently present in 11 countries in the European Union.

At CDS, we aim to provide the necessary elements to launch a competitive training initiative within the ICT sector and ensure the employability of young individuals. It is admirable to see how they are willing to learn and master the digital tools that are transforming the world we live in.

Esther de Gaspar

General Manager Spain and Portugal

"Every day we learn something new in the world of technology, we expand our horizon of possibilities and get one step closer to achieving our goals."
"Technology can also be a way to make a positive difference in the world. With the right knowledge, you can work on projects that have a significant impact on society."

Tech Management & Leadership

Computer Engineer - Service Delivery Manager
Java, Methodologies and Tools.
Computer Engineer - Service Delivery Manager
Data, Java, Python, UNIX, Virtual Machines and Docker, Web Development, Methodologies and Tools.
"We live in a constantly evolving world, and technology is at the center of many of these changes."
Computer Engineer - Service Delivery Manager
Data, Java and Python Programming Language, UNIX, Virtual Machines and Docker Web Development, Artificial Intelligence, Methodologies and Tools.
Computer Engineer - Project Manager
Data, Methodologies and Tools.
"The field of software development fosters creativity and innovation."
Bachelor's degree in Psychology - HR Manager
"You will have the opportunity to work with other colleagues in the field of technology. This collaboration can be very enriching and will help you grow as a professional."
From the people, with the people, to the people

The key to success lies not only in technologies but in the people who make up the companies, generating values and solutions to everyday problems. We help businesses leverage their business processes through the use of new technologies. Quality, technology, and reach are the fundamental pillars that reside in our DNA. We also add a good dose of effort and experience from the Hewlett Packard Enterprise group.

An organization committed

Basel University Hospital leverages Big Data as an asset to advance research on personalized treatments for complex diseases.

On International Day of Persons with Disabilities, celebrated on December 3rd, CDS in collaboration with the Adecco Foundation, we want to reflect on the 40th anniversary of the disability law in Spain. We don't want disability to enter a midlife crisis. While we have witnessed significant advancements in the attainment of rights and inclusion of people with disabilities in recent years, there is still much work to be done.


The Top Employers Spain 2023 certification once again recognizes our Human Resources policy, our work environment, and our commitment to promoting well-being. This achievement is largely attributed to the numerous innovative initiatives we have implemented to continuously enhance our employees' experience. However, above all, it is a testament to our efforts and dedication to evolving our corporate culture and making our company a more diverse, inclusive, environmentally conscious, and supportive place. Ultimately, it signifies our commitment to becoming a better workplace every day.

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Technology is a powerful engine that drives change and inspires us to dream big. Through it, we can create a better future for ourselves and future generations. That is why it is important for us to continue learning, exploring, and experimenting with technology, and to harness its full potential to make the world a better place.

Live, Work & Create

Because work is not everything, in our organization, we encourage activities where the employee takes center stage.


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